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Choosing the best free email autoresponder service is the key to a successful online business. These services have many different functional capabilities and are worth considering if you want to build a large, effective email marketing campaign. There are many things you should consider when selecting an autoresponder’s service, including price, reputation, features and benefits of each service. Before choosing an autoresponder’s service it is important to understand what you will be using the autoresponders for.

Mailchimp – One of the best free email autoresponder services available. Combine this service with a high quality autobot and you can build a very powerful mailing list. Mailchimp has a large range of marketers so you can choose your partner to build your marketing campaign. If you just want to test the waters, this is the service for you. They have a low price and offer a one month free trial.

GetResponse – An extremely powerful service. You can grow your list with this service and set up a lead capture page very easily. GetResponse has an inbuilt email editor which allows you to insert HTML code to customize your emails. GetResponse emails go straight to the subscriber’s inbox while other autoresponders email your subscribers to their inboxes. This is one of the best email autoresponders on the market.

best free email autoresponder

AWeber – Probably the most popular opt in email autoresponders out there. With AWeber you can set up your own campaign, manage your sales per email and handle multiple contacts all from one interface. If you are looking for a robust auto responder with great reporting and tools for tracking, AWeber is the one for you. Their reporting interface allows you to see byemails, click-through rate and conversion rates.

Campaign Manager – The makers of this product offer great email autoresponders, but they also offer some of the best campaign management tools on the market. This software is probably the best value for the money you spend. Their drag and drop dashboard system allow you to manage and monitor your campaign management in real time.

Mailchimp – There are other email automation products on the market, but none has everything Mailchimp has to offer. It has an excellent drag and drop dashboard system that allow you to monitor your performance and get quick feedback from your campaign. You will love the integration potential of this product. If you need help learning how to build a responsive mailing list, then this is a great place to start.

Mailchimp – This product costs more than some of the other products I mentioned, but it does have some of the best features and tools of all the autoresponders I reviewed. Their support is great, their email templates are usable and their add ons are useful. One thing that might drive people away is the price of the product, which is a bit on the high side. But, if you use Mailchimp for every aspect of your business from lead generation to sending emails per month, then it is definitely worth spending the money for.

E-Mail Editor – This is a new product and although it is still in testing phases, it is definitely one worth looking into. It has been around for awhile and has a great reputation as an e-mail editor. It allows you to easily create and customize your own newsletter topics and even allows you to easily create a content material that can be used to send out to your subscribers. One feature that might scare some off is the lack of technical support from the product’s manufacturer. However, the overwhelming majority of buyers are very satisfied with the overall performance and have not been let down by any aspect of the product. If you have never used an e-mail editor before, then this is probably not the best autoresponders for you to buy.

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