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Aimed exclusively at marketers and small businesses, Drip is an effective email marketing solution known for its automation services. With Drip as your email partner, you can now reach out to more customers and improve your profitability at affordable rates.

Drip Platform
Drip Platform | Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Many businesses have witnessed considerable growth in their visibility and brand awareness, after using the advanced automation features of Drip. Known for its superior segmentation and sophisticated automation processes, Drip helps you make money by increasing leads and sales revenue.

Drip also offers you excellent customization, thanks to which you can trigger emails automatically to reach the right set of people at the right time. Many businesses and entrepreneurs have tried Drip, and they have benefitted hugely from the advanced marketing techniques this solution offers. So is it the right solution for you? Our review will answer that question for you.

In this article, we will cover some of the basic points about Drip such as:

  • What is Drip?
  • What are its features?
  • Pricing Plan
  • Pros and Cons of Drip
  • Our Final Word

What is Drip?

Drip is an email marketing solution that helps you automate and segment your emails to improve your engagement and profitability. If you are looking at building healthy and successful relationships with your existing and potential customers, you have to start using Drip right now. With an excellent focus on eCommerce platforms and automation techniques, Drip allows you to segment and schedule your emails so that you earn a lot of visibility.

Drip doesn’t call itself an email marketing brand. Instead, it calls itself an eCommerce CRM (customer relationship management) platform, which speaks volumes about its services. Keep reading to know more about the features of this platform, and how they help business owners.

Features of Drip

Here are the useful features of the Drip platform, which enables you to make the optimum use of your resources, and improve brand awareness.

Make the most of customer data

Every time a user clicks your email or visits your website, there is a chance for you to convert this user into your potential customer. However, it is impossible to keep a manual record of the users who show interest in your products/ services. This is where Drip comes to your rescue. Drip lets you track all types of customer data, and use it at the right time to increase revenue.

You can create custom-made segments of your users, based on the way they react to your products, and send relevant emails to them at the right time to keep them hooked to your products. You can personalize the emails using custom fields while sending them out to your users, thereby holding a strong edge over your competitors.

Drip also offers you tracking and integration of customer data. With the tracking events field, you can get the record of every user who clicks on your product, makes a purchase or engages in any type with your products. This way, you can personalize their experiences and add more value to them than before, in the emails you send out.  Seamless integration with eCommerce platforms like Spotify and Facebook helps you understand the mindset of users and create customized marketing techniques for them.

Detailed customizations

One of the best features about Drip is that it offers detailed segments of customers by tracking their reactions, and creates segments accordingly. Then, emails and campaigns are created automatically to cater to these particular segments so that no user gets information that is invalid to him. Its automatic workflows are designed in such a way that you engage with your customers regularly to create an impact.

Next-level engagement

Thanks to Drip’s excellent engagement rates, you can now reach out to your customers through any mode – SMS, emails, social media handles, and more. This way, you can be sure of communicating all relevant and important information about your products to the right segment of people that Drip has created for you.  Drip also helps you engage with your customers at the right time  – like when they are visiting your site, opening your email, etc.  Using Drip’s Visual Email Builder, you can create custom-made & attractive emails to grasp the attention of your end-users.

Tracking and optimization

Drip comes inbuilt with excellent tracking tools like automatic revenue attribution, dashboards and workflow split testing. All these help you analyze the performance of your marketing techniques so that you can understand where you stand. These tools will tell you which strategies have resulted in high engagement and business for you, and which haven’t. All you need to do is connect your store on Drip to track your strategies’ status and decide judiciously.

Pricing Plan

You can opt for one of these two pricing plans of Drip:

14-day free trial plan – This plan is available for 1 to 500 contacts. You can send 500 emails in this plan. You are eligible for all the services related to email building, automation, A/B split testing and optimization of customer data, when you buy this.

$19 per month plan – Here, apart from all the other services mentioned in the above free trial plan, you can enjoy additional features like unlimited email sends per month and customer support via SMS  & MMS.


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • One of the best email marketing solutions currently, with respect to automation, eCommerce integration and segmentation of emails
  • Comes with a free trial, making it suitable for small businesses and beginners


  • Customer support not available over phone
  • Re-editing of Workflows not possible
  • Price is great for 500 contacts; however, as the subscriber base goes up, the pricing can get quite steep

Our Final Word

We would definitely recommend Drip for our readers because it is one of the few email marketing solutions that know how to maximize customer data. Drip helps you engage with your users by sending out the right content at the right time, which goes a long way in converting them into loyal customers. While the plan for 500 users is quite affordable, we like that Drip offers a free trial for 14 days. Subscribe to this free plan right away, without any second thoughts.

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