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Email marketing statistics for 2021 are finally out, and they show a marked shift towards online social media. In the last two years, people have largely elected to focus on digital marketing. It includes everything from social media sharing to emailing coupons to their friends. The latest analytics from SocialMarketer, however, shows that these same marketers are slowly making their moves back to the traditional forms of marketing. Here are some of the reasons why.

The biggest change that has taken place is in the number of marketers who are posting their blog posts to their websites. Incoming links from Facebook and Twitter now outnumber internal links from email marketing statistics newsletters and subject lines. This has lead marketers to make the switch to posting their blog posts directly onto their blogs. Not only is it more convenient for the marketer, it can be a major step up in SEO rankings. The number of marketers who are posting regularly has increased by leaps and bounds. Incoming links from internal and external sites now outnumbers post links from Facebook and Twitter.

Another big thing that has happened is the increase in marketers saying they want to automate their campaigns. What this means is that they are putting more effort into creating effective marketing emails. They no longer write the newsletters themselves. Instead, many are hiring a freelance writer to create custom marketing emails in the form of templates. These emails are then downloaded by the marketer’s subscribers, and it’s easy for them to change the wording and formatting as well as insert their own photos and promotional widgets. Incoming links no longer need to be verified manually, and marketers say that this has significantly increased their revenue.

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A key factor that was mentioned during our discussion was the number one reason that folks are changing subjects. Email marketing is about gaining new customers, but some marketers are starting to realize that it doesn’t have to be about gaining new ones through the traditional channels. Instead, what if you could reach people on a completely new platform? What if you could offer something more unique than a typical product or service? Well, in2019 that will happen thanks to email marketing analytics and social media integration.

For a company to truly succeed, it needs to do more than simply produce a product or service. It needs to provide something of value to consumers on an ongoing basis. Marketers today are realizing that providing that value is much easier when it’s incorporated into the weekly or monthly product lineup of one’s business. This is where it becomes important for marketers to start paying attention to their subscriber base. The number one way to get new leads and convert them into sales is through content marketing.

Many of the top companies in the industry are already employing a strategy called “paid search”. Paid search marketing is a powerful tool that allows b2b marketers to market directly to subscribers via the major search engines. It’s free to use, and only takes a few minutes to setup a campaign. By integrating your content marketing efforts with paid search, you can see measurable results almost immediately. Paid search marketing gives you the opportunity to take a deeper look at your audience and determine exactly who your customer is. If you’re looking for a better understanding of your customer’s buying habits, then having a subscription tracking system integrated into your email marketing campaign is critical.

Another option for integrating content marketing with email campaigns is through social media. With social media, marketers say they can now do two things. First, they can create content that’s engaging and interesting for followers. Then, they can also direct those followers to purchase their products through a checkout process that’s quick and easy.

By using these upcoming technologies, you can see great strides being made in the realm of email marketing. You can take your email marketing campaign to the next level and learn more about your customers. By providing insight on what your customers want, you’ll be better equipped to provide an improved experience.


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