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SendInBlue is a powerful email marketing platform that allows your list to build, grow and maintain its email contacts for free. In other words, you don’t need any more start-up costs. SendInBlue allows you to create, join or monitor your own emailing lists from the privacy of your own website. The way SendInBlue works is simple: it provides you with an interface that makes it easy for anyone to create, join or monitor their own emailing list – all from the comfort of their own computer. The process is very similar to having a dedicated newsletter addressed to your niche market. When someone adds you to their list, you are notified through an email message (usually sent through a subscription form on the website) and the email address is immediately added to your database.

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With a free plan, you will have an unlimited number of email contacts added to your database for free. If you wish to buy a premium version of SendInBlue, you can do so for an additional fee. While SendInBlue offers some great features for any business, it’s best email marketing software is the free plan that gives you the most value for your marketing dollars.

SendInBlue’s best feature is its integrated free email marketing automation platform. With SendInBlue MailChimp, you can easily set up automatic email campaigns for social media, classified ads, viral marketing, bulk response and lead capture forms. You can also set up your own virtual sales team by integrating the SendInBlue Chalker plugin with your web form. Finally, with the help of the built-in scheduler and auto responders, you can easily keep track of and manage your leads, prospects and customers.

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In addition to the outstanding free features, SendInBlue has some solid features that can add value to your marketing automation needs. With SendInBlue MailChimp, you can easily set up a free autoresponder sequence that will send a series of custom emails at designated intervals. If you have a large opt-in list, it will be simple to send out one email per day, two emails per week and up to four emails per month. This will allow you to better manage how you’re sending your messages, how often you are sending these messages and which ones are getting the responses you are looking for.

When setting up your free email marketing software like SendInBlue MailChimp, it’s best to stick with something familiar to you such as the Mailchimp platform. If you’ve worked on other projects before with other companies, you may feel confident using the same platform they’ve used in the past. This familiarity could mean the difference between building a good relationship with your clients and running into major problems down the road.

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what is email marketing? | Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Another thing to keep in mind when setting up SendInBlue is how you are going to integrate your SMS marketing campaigns. Do you want to send all your emails via your auto-responder or are you going to send separate emails for leads, prospects, etc. By having this knowledge ahead of time, you’ll be less likely to make a mistake and have your customers send you emails and then never receive a response from you. Once you have your auto-responder integrated, you’ll be able to send your customers a welcome email before you even have them as a lead.

When you are setting up SendInBlue, it’s important to remember that in addition to your marketing automation, you need to have a good quality landing page or lead capture page that you will use with your auto-responder and with your SMS marketing campaigns. A landing page will typically include a name, a description of the company, a few highlights about what your business offers, and a URL to your website or sales page. Having a strong and effective landing page will ensure that you have a good chance of getting leads signed up to your opt-in list. The best way to make sure that your landing page has a high conversion rate is by having a content marketing strategy based around the content on your page.

Now that you have your autoresponder, SendInBlue and your sales page in place, you’ll want to build a reliable list management system to help you manage your leads. To do so, you should join up with a reputable list management company such as List Builder Pro. Once you have your list, you can begin mailing out your auto-responder and your sales pages to your subscribers. For additional information on how to set up your autoresponder and list management system, see the SendInBlue website. You’ll also find valuable information about building your opt-in list and about using mailchimp templates.


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