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SendInBlue is an email marketing automation and tracking platform that offer various features such as pre-designed web pages, online catalogs, integrated shopping cart software, unlimited domains, custom domain registration, customer emailing lists, etc. These features have been carefully designed to make the work of a web businessman easier. The SendInBlue plugin makes it possible for any SendInBlue owner to do virtually anything he wants to with his website. A simple drag-and-drop feature enables a web businessman to completely redesign his site from scratch, without paying a single cent. In addition, SendInBlue also has an extensive range of premium and free plugins, which enable him to maximize the full potential of his website. With the help of SendInBlue’s premium plugins, webmasters can get more from their sites.

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The SendInBlue package comes with four premium plugins namely, Free SendInBlue Privacy, SendInBlue Campaigns, SendInBlue Round Trip Redirects, and SendInBlue Campaign Tracking. All these features are included in the free trial version. All these features are very useful to a webmaster when it comes to email marketing. The free SendInBlue Shopify Plugin will enable a web businessman to manage his store’s design, shop layout, content, graphics, and other related stuff. This PayPal-powered plugin offers a wide variety of functions including discount coupons, discount codes, recurring sales, product reviews, featured products, and search engine optimization.

The SendInBlue shopify plugin has two features that are really important for ecommerce: one is the ability to use single sign-up form for multiple email addresses, and the second is the ability to use double opt-in confirmation. The free SendInBlue campaign tracking allows a webmaster to track the performance of all his campaigns. This free SendInBlue plugin has the ability to integrate with Google Analytics. Double opt-in confirmation makes the process of buying online simpler by confirming that the user actually wants to subscribe. For instance, if a user orders a product from your ecommerce website and you are still not able to connect with him after filling out his details, the user will automatically be redirected to the subscription page where he can verify that he wants to subscribe. In this way, users are more likely to fill in their personal information just so that they can sign up for your mailing list.

Sendinblue tracking

SendInBlue has an amazing range of features, all of which come in very handy when it comes to email marketing. One of the most appreciated SendInBlue features is the integrated “double opt-in confirmation.” This double opt-in confirmation feature allows users to click on a link that will redirect them to the confirmation page. They will be asked to either confirm their subscription (which will allow them to sign up for your mailing list) or hit the back button to leave the page. If they successfully submit both choices, they will be added to your list.

Another great SendInBlue feature is its “customizable tracking behavior.” This tracking behavior allows you to view how often a particular subscriber opens and clicks on an advertisement. You can also see what keywords (search terms) they commonly use to search for your specific product. With the use of this customizable tracking behavior feature, you will know how many subscribers are opening your ads and what keywords they are using to generate traffic to your site.

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what is email marketing? | Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

The most innovative feature that this SendInBlue plugin provides is its ability to track emails through both email addresses and IP addresses. This is great because it allows you to not only see who opened your ads but also who was sending them. It will allow you to identify unscrupulous spamming techniques. The plugin also allows you to see if someone is signing up under a false name or using a fake email address. This will help you block these people in future.

However, the one feature that may be a turn off to some users is the fact that this SendInBlue tracking plugin is a bit complicated to install. For those with less technical knowledge, there is a learning curve associated with installing the SendInBlue software. But the benefits of this program outweigh this one drawback. The features provided by SendInBlue tracking will help you market your online business more effectively. Aside from just monitoring your email campaigns, this program can also track website visits and conversions. There are other tracking systems that allow you to do these things but none of them come close to what SendInBlue can do for you.

Finally, if you want a powerful marketing tool, you should definitely consider purchasing this product. Unlike many other tracking systems, SendInBlue offers features that your competitors simply cannot compete with. The ease of use, the great tracking functionality and the ability to customize your campaign to make it worth the investment. With all of these great features, you will wonder why you didn’t get this product years ago. The best place to find out is by trying it yourself.


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