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An SMTP email marketing server handles outgoing messages from its customers as its name suggests; it organizes incoming emails in its database. An SMTP email marketing server is basically a virtual email account for outgoing emails. It acts like HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) server by painstakingly working on how to connect and transfer data hover above the net. The SMTP server stores all the mails that came in and out of your system and it serves as a relay to various other mail services such as POP3, IMAP and SOAP.

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When you are looking for the best free service providers of email marketing deliverability it is important to note that these companies should be able to handle both incoming and outgoing messages. In addition, the SMTP service provider must also be able to store the mails that came in and out of your system. Some of the best free service providers of this feature include Yahoo and Hotmail. There are also other considerations that need to be addressed before you choose one SMTP provider. Look at the following tips to ensure that your chosen service provider can help you achieve your business goals.

Pricing: Pricing is very important factor for every business owner. Before choosing an SMTP email marketing software you need to understand the pricing structure of the service providers. Make sure that the pricing structure is not too high or too low because then it would affect your decision making process. Find out whether the pricing is based on the number of emails that can be sent per day, the average size of the emails and any other features that are offered by the company.

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Transactional Emails: An SMTP marketing provider that offers transactional emails along with the standard features is an excellent choice. SMTP marketing software allows you to send emails from one place to another. This can help the company to have more employees. The company does not need to have servers for the storage and delivering of emails. It only needs a network and a gateway and it is up to the users to access the services.

Outdated Inbox: An SMTP marketing firm that uses outdated Inbox feature for the delivery of emails is not reliable because the users would have to reconfigure the settings for the emails so as to receive them in the inbox. The delivery time for the emails is affected due to the delay in delivery of the emails and it becomes difficult for the users to manage the emails from their desktops. Also, the content of the emails is different and unsuitable for the purpose. The user experiences a loss of productivity and efficiency.

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Hosting Service: Only host servers can deliver emails properly. A good email service provider ensures that the SMTP campaign runs smoothly and the mail is delivered to the intended recipients in the right time. A third-party company may charge more for the SMTP campaign but it also provides better reliability.

E-mail Marketing Database: Your email marketing database should be upgraded periodically to make room for new messages and to check the delivery of old messages to the recipients. When your database is up-to-date, the delivery of emails to the subscribers is fine tuned by your staff without any hiccups. Your SMTP email list is also kept updated to accommodate the changing needs of your clients who change their email address quite often.

Prices vary according to the size of your business and the number of messages that you wish to be sent on a daily basis. You can pay as per the number of emails that you wish to be dispatched on a daily basis or as per the number of messages. Mailgun has affordable pricing plans for SMTP marketing and you can take advantage of these offers to improve your online presence and bring in more traffic to your website.


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