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With the constant evolution of the Internet marketing world we are seeing more people jumping on the bandwagon of online business, marketing and advertising. One such tool that many use for their online marketing efforts is the sumo email marketing. What is Sumo Email Marketing? Sumo email marketing is the act of gathering email addresses from site visitors for later use in email campaigns.

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Many have jumped on board the bandwagon of email marketing by setting up an opt in email list or a free newsletter on their website. Now they need to find ways to get these leads to actually sign up on their list and give them their name and address. For some, this can be as simple as offering an incentive for signing up; in other words giving something away for free. For others, a plugin called optinjunkie has been developed that provides alternatives to the free giveaway plugin.

One such plugin is cash which displays an image when someone submits their name and email address by registering at one of the site listed. Another plugin known as optinjunky allows a user to customize his or her popup to include text, JavaScript, banners and a logo. These choices provide a great deal of flexibility for the owner of an opt in email marketing website. For example, an optinjunky plugin could display a pop up announcing that someone has recently joined the subscriber’s email list. He or she then has the opportunity to click on a pop up that provides him or her with a link that takes him or her directly to the sales page of the product. The sales page is controlled by the user so he or she can change the message, offer or pop up in the future if he or she chooses to do so.

Sumo email marketing

Popups are a great way to encourage people to optin, because it makes them feel like they are making an effort. An image filled popup encourages someone who has recently joined that list to fill out a short survey. Subscribers to small businesses email marketing campaigns that utilize optinmonsters will usually fill out these surveys to receive special offers or to get information that can be used in their own business.

Another popular alternative to pop-up ads is a lead generation tool. There are some free online tools available for this purpose. Some of these tools provide an interface for users to upload contact lists. Other lead generation tool websites require users to enter their email addresses. Popup ads can distract recipients from these forms. The lead generation tool also may not provide a clear disclosure about how one’s email address will be used in the individual’s business.

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what is email marketing? | Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Sumo Email Marketing allows an open form to be included in the email subject lines. The most effective method of landing a prospect with a message is by making sure that all communication is done through an open form. These types of transactional emails should include a disclaimer that states that the reader is optingin to be put on the email list. There are some formulas that are best to use. These formulas are called “TAX CTR Formula”, “Buyer Formula” and “Newest Product Formula”. All three of these formulas have been proven successful by experts in email list building.

Most email subject lines contain the formula: “from”, “to”, “email”, “subject”, “cc” etc. These are the four words that make up a formula. Any formula used should tell the reader what the desired result is. If you want the reader to fill out the survey or optin form, make sure to tell them exactly what they need to do in order to achieve this. An example of a formula that accomplishes this is: “open rate =”, which means that the more times that a person clicks on the link, the higher the open rate.

Sumo email open rates can be very high because of the large number of people who view the website. However, there is a solution to the problem. In order to have a high open rate, make sure that you use sumo text links instead of regular links. This way, the content of the email does not have to take up a lot of space on the page.


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