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When looking at the top 5 email marketing services, what do you look at? What are you trying to accomplish with an email marketing program? What are your goals? Which ones can help you reach your goals?

In this article, we’ll look at some of the top 5 email marketing services offered by some of the world’s top companies. Some of these companies offer their customers more than just a list and a newsletter. Instead, they offer a complete suite of services that allow their customer base to grow significantly. Some of the top providers include:

Top 5 email marketing services


One of the top email marketing services available today, Mailchimp offers extensive functionality for managing and organizing your contacts, mailing lists, and promotional emails. It includes advanced features like auto responders, newsletter templates, customizable address labels, and more. In addition, Mailchimp supports a wide range of platforms, including cPanel, Word Press, and Drupal. It is user-friendly and very easy to install and manage.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) –

This provider is often referred to as the BBB of email marketing services. In essence, Better Business Bureau takes into consideration several factors when calculating a company’s Better Business Bureau score. Some of these factors include customer service and the number of fraud checks performed against a business. BBB also looks into the company’s privacy policy, in addition to the frequency of updates on the BBB site. The BBB also conducts a comprehensive investigation of a company’s code of conduct, website security, and other dealings with customers.

Mailchimp –

The makers of the popular program Mailchimp have included an entire suite of features to further assist small businesses with their marketing needs. One of the most attractive features is the ability to manage multiple email marketing lists. With a free account, companies can have the capacity to create a list for lead generation, follow up marketing, and other marketing efforts. This option is much more affordable than purchasing multiple software subscriptions. In addition, Mailchimp allows users to integrate the program with autoresponders and other mailing applications. This allows the small business owner to receive automatic responses and messages, as well as, insert digital signatures to increase the credibility of the company.

Autoresponder –

Another important feature to look for when evaluating Better Business Bureau services is the ability to incorporate email marketing services with autoresponders and other communication tools. The Autoresponder is a must when managing multiple customer lists, lead generation, and other campaigns. Many times a company will buy the autoresponder after finding it difficult to retain employees that need to work on marketing because they are tied up with client work. By using the appropriate service, a business owner can set up emails to be sent out at designated intervals and time intervals, which eliminate the need to hire additional staff.

Powerful Email Platform –

Finally, the most important feature to look for in top 5 email marketing services is the ability to interface with email marketing platforms. There are a variety of platforms available, but the most important consideration is the ease of setting up new accounts, accessing existing ones, and reporting statuses. Many of the email marketing platforms available today provide all of this functionality, but some are a little more complicated than others. An important feature to look for is the ability to easily create a web dashboard from a few clicks of the mouse. By utilizing a web-based interface, a business owner can monitor all aspects of the company and determine where improvements can be made. In addition, a platform that includes a newsletter can greatly increase customer satisfaction by providing the information a customer needs to stay informed and engaged.

There are many options available to businesses looking to find the best email marketing software. The important factor is to ensure that the company provides all of the functionality the business owner requires, without imposing too much of a burden on the business. By following this simple advice, a business owner can find the right email marketing service, which can dramatically increase sales and profits. Additionally, by keeping these four items in mind, a business owner can quickly shortlist a handful of providers and decide which ones meet all of these criteria. This will help ensure that a company satisfies the primary criteria of a top email marketing software provider, while still providing a variety of customizable features to fit a variety of business needs.


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