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One of the things that I have found most helpful in my marketing efforts is a “We misses you” email campaign. You might be wondering what this means exactly. It means that if you are a business owner, you send out an email to all of the people on your optin list. That list contains people who have elected to receive information from you by signing up for a free or paid service or by responding to an ad or squeeze page you have designed. When they get the email, the chances are good that they will read it and either click on an advertisement or sign up for something.

Now imagine that you have a wonderful ad for a great product that your company offers. But most of the people on your optin list have not signed up for anything yet. Even if they have been offered the product, chances are that they will pass on it and look for another opportunity to make money. This is where a We Miss You emails campaign comes into play. Instead of pushing your product advertisement in every message you send out, this campaign lets them know that they will be getting a useful email in their inbox when they sign up for you.

One of the best benefits of this form of marketing is the personal touch you can provide with each message. For instance, if you create an ad campaign for a child’s birthday party, the words used will not sound like a sales pitch. Instead, the words you use should encourage the recipient of the email to talk about themselves. You could create an ad that has a picture of the birthday celebrant, or one that contains a clip of them at a young age. This shows that you really know them, and this can give your customers an added level of trust.

we miss you email campaign

Another benefit of this type of marketing is that it creates an opportunity for you to get personal. As mentioned above, you can tell stories about people on your list. If you are constantly sending out emails about your daughter’s wedding, then your recipients can see that you care. They may even connect with someone they know on your list. This personal touch can be difficult for some businesses to provide, so this can be a great benefit of an email campaign to include with your We Miss You email marketing.

The last benefit of We Miss You emails marketing campaigns is that they can be incredibly affordable. With today’s high-speed internet and competitive pricing of commercial printing, many businesses cannot afford to create marketing campaigns for every special event. Instead, they stick to a smaller email list, which is often already targeted. The cost of an email campaign is very low, making it possible to spread your message far and wide for a reasonable price. There is no reason why a business shouldn’t take advantage of this tool.

A We Miss You campaign can also help you save money. The traditional method of printing envelopes with large printing costs, and then having to mail all of the invitations at your own expense, can be very expensive. You have to buy mailing supplies in bulk, which increases the cost. Plus, there is always the risk of your misspelled invitations ruining the surprise for your customers. Instead, you can simply create an email and send it out at your own expense.

The final benefit is one of the most important. An email campaign makes it easy for you to contact your customers after the fact. You can use email to confirm the date of the event, notify your customers about the location, and you can even send them gifts if you want. All of this can take place before the actual event, reducing stress and making the entire event easier for you and your customers. These are all huge benefits of an effective We Miss You email campaign.

AWeber, the leader in email marketing, understands how important it is to keep your customers informed. AWeber has developed tools to make this incredibly easy, including a newsletter and a special email campaign bookmarking service. With these tools, you can reach new heights with your email campaigns, increasing your profits and your customer satisfaction. With these tools, your email marketing campaign will be We Miss You every time.

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