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Welcome email is an essential part of building any online business. An amazing welcome email can make your visitors feel, well…welcoming, but more importantly, it’ll serve as the basis for the remainder of your relationship. So invest the time into getting it just right. This is one of those rare times where money doesn’t really grow on trees. When you’re looking to design and craft a welcome email that will serve as the cornerstone for your long-term relationship with your subscribers, there are some things that you want to keep in mind.

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First, make sure that the subject line is appropriate for your kind of business. A general welcome email greeting might not be the best choice if you’re in an online casino, for example, while a technical problem-focused welcome email might be better suited to a website selling electronics or other gadgets. It’s okay to include humor in your welcome email subject line sometimes, so don’t go overboard with it; just don’t go too silly with it.

Second, you need to come up with good content. Without interesting content, your visitors will simply close your welcome email, never bothering to explore your products or opt-in for your newsletter. But you need to do more than just write interesting text. You also have to give your visitors an opportunity to opt-in by providing them with a means of opting out. This is easily achieved through the use of a question or action link.

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Third, never put the ‘caution’ button on your welcome email. Your subject line needs to include a clear suggestion that your site is worth checking out – something like “Check out our special offers!” The temptation to put off reading your welcome message lest someone might click the link and end up visiting your site is very strong. But by pushing back against this temptation, you are making it clear to your visitor that your company cares about providing them with a great user experience.

Fourth, make sure that your subject line makes them want to visit your site. Most people view online marketing ads as a nuisance; a distraction that leaves them no time to really look at your welcome email. So when you’re writing your subject line, try to picture what your potential customer might be thinking about while reading it. What visual images or words would catch his attention and compel him to give you his email address?

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Fifth, you want to make sure your welcome email is easy to read. Look for a template that allows you to easily change your welcome email template without having to learn a new set of HTML code. A quality unsplash template can do this easily. And most importantly, the template should give your brand an inviting feeling right away. Remember, customers read splash templates to first glimpse what your brand has to offer and an inviting logo lets them know right away what to expect from your company.

Lastly, make sure your template is eye-catching enough. A well designed template can grab the attention of even the dullest of readers and draw them to the footer of your page to explore other helpful content. The more attractive your welcome page is, the better your brand will serve as an effective gateway to your subscriber list and the more new subscribers you will have access to.

Now that you have a better idea of what welcome emails should not include, it’s time to start brainstorming what you should include in yours. You can either stick with a basic template that already includes an opt-in form, a few sentence defining the reason why your reader should sign up to your list, and a few sentences that sum up your entire message. Or you can try an actionable headline that offers a solution to a problem and then links your visitor to an opt-in form for more information. Another great actionable headline idea is to offer a short tutorial or two about a particular aspect of your brand. If you’re a virtual assistant, you could give your prospects some tips and tricks on how to become a virtual assistant. Your subject line must serve as a call-to-action to get your reader to sign up to your list.


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