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What is an email drip marketing campaign and how is it different from other types of Internet marketing? Drip marketing is an automated communication strategy which sends, or “drip,” promotional materials over a period of time through an autoresponder. These materials may take the form of unsolicited email marketing, but many other media can also be utilized. They are sometimes referred to as opt-in marketing campaigns or newsletters. This article will provide some basic information on this important marketing technique.

Drip marketing is often compared to a traditional newspaper, magazine or even television advertisement. However, unlike most print ads, it doesn’t contain a picture, but rather an “about” section and a series of short biographical items to welcome the viewer or subscriber. The welcome sequence usually includes the name and address of the sender, the company or organization that sent the first email, and a brief description of the company or organization. In many cases, the last two paragraphs could include a link to another site, blog or web page with more information about the sponsor. The first email, generally, doesn’t contain a sales pitch or information about the product or service.

This type of marketing campaign is typically started by a single person or group, using email automation software to build large and detailed databases of targeted leads and customers. This initial database is maintained for future campaigns, but emails can be deleted, for any number of reasons, prior to reaching this database. The autoresponder then searches the database for matching names, addresses or other information to send emails to. For many marketers, the primary advantage of this method is the speed with which an individual or team can manage multiple email campaigns. It is also convenient for individuals who receive thousands of promotional emails each day, as well as for the organizations that send these emails, as well as for the businesses involved in sending these emails.

What is an email drip:

Another advantage of using this marketing platform is that marketers can easily personalize the message and content for each email. Some marketers may opt to add a signature with each email they send, and some will opt to use short codes to personalize the message. Using short codes, a marketer can create a code that is used in the “To:” field of the email address, to direct the reader to a certain page on their website. This is especially helpful for small niche markets, as it makes the marketing platform easier to access. The ability to personalize the campaign allows a marketer to ensure that every email they send is sent to the correct customer.

Automated email campaigns offer marketers a way to conduct email marketing at a lower cost. Email campaigns are generally less expensive than traditional media efforts, such as print, radio or television advertising. The reason for this is that many people read their daily newspaper or listen to their radio station at home. If these people are interested in your products and services, they will generally not waste time reading or listening to an advertisement. However, if you have an email sequence sent to a large audience, such as a single ad to multiple people, the cost per email will be much higher.

This is why marketing strategies such as auto responders are extremely popular for any marketer. These are easy to set up, require little maintenance and provide an immediate solution to any marketing campaign. They eliminate the need for a marketer to contact prospective subscribers individually and add them to an autoresponder database. This results in high direct response rates and eliminates the possibility of losing potential customers to a dead end.

An email campaign should always include personalized email content in order to ensure a positive experience with the reader. However, with many other forms of advertising, this is not always possible. With email campaigns, marketers can include unique content in the body of the email, which can include any number of things. In fact, marketers commonly use a series of unique emails to build a consistent niche audience over time.

Email marketing efforts can be highly effective when done effectively. The best way to achieve success is by having a plan and implementing it in an organized fashion. Auto responders and opt-in pages make things much easier by providing the core functionality needed to automate the entire process. Combined with quality lead magnet content and the right automation, an email campaign can be very effective, even for highly competitive markets.

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