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An email platform is a repository which holds onto your email lists, or subscribers, and enables you to communicate directly with your subscribers, or audience, at mass. Better still, consider it as your own personalized virtual online lounge, your email system is the social lounge that you invite your subscribers to join you at. Just as how content writing software enables you to quickly and effectively write and publish your content in a matter of minutes, an email system service allows you, the business owner, to accomplish just that same feat in a matter of seconds. With the right service provider, you can have the ability to build up your list of subscribers and your own mailing list, then utilize it to communicate directly with these subscribers as if you were having a face-to-face meeting with them.

Now, what is it that most businesses fail to realize is that building up an email list and maintaining it are two different concepts altogether. Building up an email list is simply acquiring a large number of email addresses and corresponding individuals to cultivate and market to via email campaigns. Maintaining your email list however, is where the real work is. An email system such as Mailchimp allows for this because it allows for you to maintain all aspects of your email list, be it collection, analytics, maintenance and marketing.

So, what is an email platform and how does it differ from a traditional web-based advertising platform such as Facebook adverts or even Instagram marketing? For starters, traditional advertising platforms deliver advertisements through a variety of mediums namely, search engine, social media, etc. This limits your options to only a few mediums that may not necessarily be best for your business’ specific requirements.

What is an email platform:

With a traditional web-based email platform, there is always the concern of spam. Spam is a serious concern especially now that the World Wide Web has opened up so many ways for fraudsters to make their wares known. For instance, some people create Facebook pages or even Instagram profiles in order to sell their goods and services to unsuspecting buyers. Once these users find out that the goods are actually fakes, they will instantly deactivate the account and try to forget about it. The buyer then becomes frustrated as he/she has wasted time and effort in finding a digital download that is actually free.

On the other hand, with an email platform like Mailchimp, there is no need for you to worry about dealing with this potential problem. It is very easy for you to determine whether the digital download you have landed on is a genuine one or not. For instance, if the landing page contains affiliate links and the page itself looks very much like a commercial site, then it is probably a fake. In fact, you can immediately deactivate your subscription and proceed to browse other landing pages without having to worry about being spammed.

Another reason why you should use mailchimp to host your website is because of its free plan. A lot of web hosts offer a free plan where in visitors can immediately register and create a free account. However, these accounts may not allow you access to certain features such as email delivery. If you have a lot of products or services to offer to your subscribers, then this could be quite useful to you. Furthermore, with mail chimp, you do not have to worry about paying money in order to get your website hosted because there is absolutely no monthly fee.

Furthermore, when you host with Mailchimp, you will also benefit from the numerous promotional offers and advertisement campaigns that are available in their advertising section. This means that you can easily attract hundreds of eager and raving fans just by using Facebook’s fan page. The only thing that you need to do is to design an attractive landing page for your subscribers. You can also upload high converting videos and images so that your followers will see them instantly and become members of your mailing list.

On top of everything, you can also easily encourage people to visit your official website through Facebook and twitter. By simply putting up an official page, you can immediately draw interested users and subscribers to your mailing list. In fact, you can also build these communities through these two social media sites. In fact, you can even make a page that will act as your official blog. Through all of these things, you can be assured that your marketing campaign will greatly benefit both you and your business.

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