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What is drip email campaign? A drip campaign is basically a promotional method in which a company sends an email to someone at a specific time and interval, but it doesn’t happen instantly. For example, the email might be sent out to a list of friends and family members on a Sunday evening. Over the course of three days, the email will be sent to them one at a time, with an offer, and each member of the list will receive the email once. Each time the email is sent, an automated reply will be sent back to the recipient. This method of communication has been very successful and has been used by many companies for a number of years.

Drip marketing is basically a communication system that sends or drips, a pre-written sequence of messages to prospects or customers over a period of time. These messages can be in the form of text messages, emails, newsletters, or other electronic media. These other media may also be utilized, but emails are typically the most effective.

What is it about drip campaigns that make them so successful? This is really simple – people love updates! Whether it’s a new product, a new blog post, a new newsletter, or a new recipe, the recipients of an email drip campaign are always looking for the next thing. In many cases, they’re even willing to spend money to get these things. That means that a business can target their audience with emails that are appealing to their emotions.

What is drip email campaign:

An email drip campaign is also easy to track. Once the campaign has been established, it can be monitored to ensure that subscribers are being provided with information at a regular rate. This helps a business to make sure that the amount of advertising they’re doing is bearing fruit. Tracking and measuring data provided by the campaign can help a company to see what is working and what is not.

Another reason why many opt-in lists turn to drip email campaigns is because they allow marketers to test market different messages to see which ones generate more interest. Marketers can then fine tune future emails to bring in more prospects. They can use what is called a landing page to direct the readers of the emails to. This makes for a very persuasive sales letter. All of this makes drip email campaigns very successful, making them the preferred method of advertising for many marketers.

Another advantage to this type of mailing campaign is that leads can be maintained longer. Most people want to know that their contact information is safe and that no one but them have access to it. With a drip campaign, this can be ensured. In fact, most companies who offer lead generation services have found that their clients generate higher sales volume after sending out these campaigns.

What is drip email campaigns also good at is generating leads without paying a lot of money for individual contacts. Unlike bulk mail or a list buying effort, there are usually very few costs involved when sending out these email campaigns. In some cases, the cost per lead is only a few dollars, making these campaigns cost effective. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to list a single brochure, you can pay a couple of hundred for a single lead.

A great thing about a drip campaign is that prospects get to “opt-in” to receive more information. The emails can have various elements – a series of links, an offer to take action, and even an auto-responder. By taking care to include a link back to your website, you ensure that the prospect “follows” you. If they “opt-in”, they are more likely to share your information with others.

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