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What is iContact? A powerful social media management tool, iContact is organized around a basic set of modules that allow companies of all sizes to effectively manage multiple social media campaigns and email marketing. Created by two young statisticians, it was originally known as Broadwick Corporation and later rebranded as iContact in 2021 and bought by PR giant Vocus Inc in 2021. iContact boasts several customizable modules including: iContact Theme Kit, iContact Connect, iContact Customizer, and the popular iContact Mobile. iContact can be used for free with a 30-day trial period.

iContact has several key automation features designed to help your company. These features are available in both the free version and the premium version, which have separate paid features. The free version allows you to select from several pre-built templates for your emails, while the premium version allows you to upload your own templates or select from an extensive list of pre-built templates provided by iContact. You can also manage multiple customer segments from within the platform.

iContact’s main features include email editor, social media management, and mobile marketing. The email editor allows you to create and edit emails instantly. It allows you to preview what the email will look like before sending it. The social media module allows you to connect with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other major networking sites. Finally, the mobile marketing platform lets you manage marketing efforts through cell phones, iPads, smart phones, and more.

What is icontact:

iContact’s email marketing platform is designed for small businesses to large corporations. iContact allows you to create an online presence, which gives you access to thousands of email addresses from around the world. You can build a strong presence for your company and gain new customers. You can also generate leads and convert more people into subscribers. With iContact, you can manage and segment your subscriber list so that you only send emails to the people who are most likely interested in what you have to offer. This helps you gain new customers and grow your business.

iContact’s email marketing platform features a full range of tools and integrations to help you manage your business better. iContact Pro gives you the ability to easily manage your email lists, create contact pages, and create landing pages for each individual segment. The Landing Page tool allows you to create dynamic landing pages that appear when someone visits your site. It has many advanced features such as subscription reminders, unsubscribe buttons, and advanced search options. iContact auto-scaler also increases your conversion rate by automatically scaling your offers.

iContact’s advanced features include a full range of import/export functionality, including support for Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Domino, and Mozilla Firefox Accounts. iContact provides third party integrations with popular web services including Twitter, WordPress, and Drupal. You can import contacts from these sources and even manage multiple contacts at once. You can also export emails, attachments, and text in a format that other email editors can read.

Although the website builder portion of iContact isn’t the primary feature of the software, it can be useful if you need to quickly start a new business or add on services. The website builder allows you to quickly create a simple website using templates and drag and drop features. When you are done with the design process, you can upload your project and publish it. There are several analytics reports included with the website builder that monitor how visitors use your site. The website builder also includes detailed statistics on how frequently users click on links, open subscriptions, and request information.

The dashboard provides information about how active your customers and prospects are on your email lists, their activity on the main pages, the number of email addresses saved for future reference, and other metrics. The dashboard lets you drill down into each subcategory of customer or prospect, providing you with useful insights into how your campaigns are performing. If you want to know which contacts are most responsive to your offers, or which email campaigns are the most successful, you can view these statistics. iContact also includes detailed information about the campaigns you run, such as campaign success rates and bounce rates, and provides various reports that will help you fine tune your marketing programs.

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