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What is SendInBlue? This is the question most people have in their mind when they hear about it. Sending an email costs a lot and time is wasted in sending repetitive emails. With SendInBlue, this will never happen. SendInBlue is simply a SaaS application for online relationship marketing.

The business was started in 2021 by Armand Thiberger and Kapil Sharma, who introduced the email marketing software. It has gained recognition because of its powerful features. The application includes all the tools required in effective email marketing campaigns. It allows you to send emails at the speed of light to any user with an internet connection. It is very easy to use and understand, as well. You do not need any technical knowledge or experience to work with the application.

SendInBlue allows you to create a free website where clients can sign up to receive your emails. Once they are added, you can give them any web form a simple paste option and then send them the email. The web form will be displayed on the recipient’s computer screen. All they need to do is to click on the web form, fill in the information requested, click send. This saves them time and they don’t need to visit your site to sign up.

What is sendinblue email:

SendInBlue has over 400 pre-formatted web forms to choose from. It makes it very easy to design an effective email marketing campaign. Users can choose what type of sign up form they want, such as email opt-in form, first name/last name request form, name confirmation link, password reset form, email newsletter sign up form, and so on. There are endless designs available for each web form.

In addition, SendInBlue gives you the ability to manage your list of email addresses very easily. You have the facility to add or delete email addresses whenever you want to. This is especially useful to companies that offer email marketing services as it allows users to keep track of their lists. The system also enables you to set permissions so that only employees can add or remove email addresses from the list. It also lets users send email to specific recipients.

SendInBlue offers a free webinar course called “The Ultimate Internet Marketing Guide” which instructs beginners on how to set up a successful email marketing campaign. “How to Get Opt-In” and “Building Customer relationships” courses are also available. These courses are instructed by experienced professionals in email marketing. They provide comprehensive guidance on how to use SendInBlue to its maximum potential. The course teaches users how to generate leads, market to existing customers and promote new products.

The program allows you to test new messages to send to recipients immediately after they have subscribed to your list. Users can set up individual lists for email marketing, group lists for wider exposure, or work groups for better results. Furthermore, sendinblue supports auto-responders so you don’t need to maintain different email address lists for clients, prospects and colleagues. Apart from all these features, it offers a free trial version that helps you test the email marketing strategy for free.

To sum it up, sendinblue has made managing, measuring and tracking email addresses an easy task. It allows you to have control over your email marketing efforts. This also enables you to monitor the response rate and compare it to your competitors’. It also provides the ability to keep track of subscribers, identify repeat visitors and identify people who are unsubscribing from your email lists. Moreover, SendInBlue has provided outstanding tools for identifying the most suitable content for each mail that goes out. It can email only specific information to specific subscribers, for instance, if you want to target the inboxes of pregnant women, then it will send only relevant email to them.

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