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Wix is a simple free online tool for making email campaigns. You can also create email campaigns with Wix forms, award-winning Wix email composer, or embed various content promotion services with other online tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, and many more. The web design company has been at the forefront of the email marketing industry for several years, designed many fantastic tools to enable you to make incredible email campaigns for your online business. Now you can set up automatic campaigns even on the fly.

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Automatic email campaigns are possible with Wix Forms because it is an open source project. Form creator in Wix allows you to add a variety of features to your emails such as; email subject lines, email body, preview pane, signature line, spam checker and more. With a huge collection of over 600 templates you can easily create personalized email campaigns with ease. In addition to these Wix templates there are a number of email campaign plug-ins available in Wix that enable you to manage, analyze and track all your campaign statistics such as open rates, bounces, unsubscribe rates and many more.

Another important feature of Wix form is that you can easily create split test email marketing campaigns and track all results easily. Split testing is an essential component of email marketing campaigns if you want to ensure that your emails are converting at a good rate. These easy to use Wix templates allow you to quickly and easily create split tests to determine the effectiveness of different promotional campaigns. This helps you gain a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Wix email campaigns

Wix allows you to save time when creating your emails by allowing you to import text from several documents so you can experiment with various subject lines, contents and other aspects of your email campaign. Email subject lines affect the overall success of your email campaign. A poor subject line will only cause your emails to go to the trash bin. It’s important that your subject lines are compelling, unique, eye catching and creative. Use your imagination to come up with something that catches the reader’s attention and interests them enough to want to read your emails. Once you have a great subject line, you will be able to create a ton of different email marketing campaigns by simply repeating your subject lines.

The Wix Email Campaigns software has many of the same tools that Google’s AdWords and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer have. This includes the ability to set referral links, affiliate product links and affiliate offers. There are also several other Wix integrations including Google Suggest, Google Maps, Google Calendar and the Google Store.

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what is email marketing? | Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

One of the nicest aspects of Wix email campaigns is that they are extremely customizable. You are able to choose what you would like your email to say, how you would like your recipients to receive it and how you would like to format your email. You are not locked into using the template options available within the program. You are free to play around and experiment until you find the perfect platform for your email campaign.

One of the biggest complaints about email marketing software is that they don’t provide enough functionality for the savvy marketer. Wix provides a platform that is very easy to navigate. You can add new mailing lists, labels, opt-in forms and address forms. You can even personalize your emails with a wide variety of different font styles and color schemes.

Overall, Wix offers a solid email campaign solution that is very easy to use and setup. You won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to get your campaigns up and running. All of your work can be automated away in a matter of minutes. If you are a beginner to Internet marketing, you may want to start with one of the more simplistic email marketing platforms such as Wix. If you have experience, you can simply upgrade your campaign software any time to take advantage of all of Wix’s great features and powerful functions.


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