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When it comes to internet marketing, no other platform is as flexible as Wix Email Marketing. Launched a couple of years ago, Wix email marketing is designed for a simple, straightforward, add-on platform to any Wix site. Wix is an html editor like Microsoft Frontpage or Adobe Dreamweaver. This web-based engine allows you to create and design interactive e-commerce web sites without programming knowledge. However, if you use another web based CMS or engine, you will have to look somewhere else.

email marketing
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As one of the most popular and widely used html email editors, Wix offers an amazingly simple interface. You can create a web page in less than 30 seconds with no prior experience or programming knowledge. The Wix main menu contains a large number of “shortcuts” that make using the Wix email editor much more streamlined. From the main menu, you can see your saved web pages in a dedicated “edit” area.

With the Wix main menu, you are able to access a multitude of Wix services such as sending out press releases, building your list, scheduling your newsletter, and publishing your first newsletter. A simple click will send a Wix email service request, which can be sent to one address or to several addresses. You can easily manage your contacts, emails, mailing list, and more from the main menu.

Wix email marketing

Another feature available in Wix is the ability to import and export files. Many of the email marketing services offered by Wix have the ability to import files from MS Outlook or other email programs. This feature makes it easier for small business owners to send files from their computer to their Wix email service account. One of the best email marketing platforms available, Wix delivers high quality email services at affordable prices. Small businesses can take advantage of all the features and benefits of Wix without having to spend a lot of money on their own web development team.

One of the best aspects of Wix templates is that they come pre-designed for easy use. Choose a template from a range of themes that feature a myriad of color options and graphics. If you prefer to use basic graphics and colors, that’s fine; you can also choose from a wide selection of backgrounds. Take time to review your design options before choosing one for your Wix email marketing tool. You may be able to save money by creating your own artwork and graphics.

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what is email marketing? | Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

One of the great things about the Wix email marketing tool is that it supports two-way live chat. Unlike many other platforms that limit how many chat messages you can send in a day, Wix lets you chat as much as you want during each session. You can chat with your team, prospects, customers and service partners all on the same platform. Another excellent feature of the Wix chatbox is that it works well with other social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well. This means you can share information about product releases, news and special deals with all of your social network contacts, not just those within your company’s network.

The Wix mailerlite template comes complete with template design tools that allow you to choose the colors of your mailers and add your contact details and a company logo. When you are done designing your template, simply upload it to your website builder and start creating an effective email marketing campaign. Mailerlite makes it easy to build quality contact lists that you can use in all your future campaigns. It comes pre-branded, so you won’t have any problems building your own campaign. The Wix email templates even work very well as lead generators for telemarketing companies, hence its inclusion as one of the top SEO tools on the web today.

All in all, the Wix email software offers all of the functionality you need from a robust software solution. It gives you access to a large community of support staff that can instantly answer any questions you might have regarding email campaigns. It’s also very easy to use and comes with comprehensive tutorials that show you how to set it up and customize it to suit your business needs. There are several other tools that are available online but none offer as much versatility and value for the money as Wix. With its simple interface, drag and drop features, integrated social media integration and automatic video maker, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use Wix for all of your email marketing needs.


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