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WordPress email campaigns are arguably one of the easiest and most successful marketing tools at your disposal today. They can absolutely benefit you by:

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By directing more visitors to your blog, you can quickly begin to see serious bumps in your email traffic when you incorporate a third-party link into your WordPress email campaigns. When someone takes the time to read through your emails, they’re more likely to stay on-site to explore more of what you’re offering. While they might not buy anything right away, they’ll most likely read up to page #3 of your emails where your opt-in form is located.

Additionally, third-party links can direct potential subscribers to a landing page where they can find additional helpful information. With that said, it’s very important that you take care with your WordPress email campaigns. If you simply send a few cheap offers out to a select group of your subscribers, chances are that they will immediately bounce your offers or just straight onto another marketing campaign that you’re already working on. In order to get the most possible conversions, you need to focus on quality content and only send it to those who are interested.

WordPress email campaign

A common mistake that many bloggers make is sending their readers to a 3rd party smtp provider when sending out their emails. You see, most emails aren’t going directly from you to the people in their address book. Instead, the majority of emails you receive (let’s say, around 90%) go to a third-party website called a” Widget’s Box”. A widget’s box is the fancy name for a website that allows you to place widgets on it. Some examples include Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter, etc. Since all of these sites collect their own lists of widgets, their boxes often have links to other websites as well.

In addition to this, there are also many WordPress email plugins that will allow you to add in these third-party widgets for free. As an example, plugins such as FeedBurner will allow you to manage your RSS feeds and email marketing campaigns from within WordPress. There are also plugins such as All-in-One-SEO, which is used by Google to increase your page rank by automatically inserting additional keywords into your title. These are just two examples of many plugins available, but there are literally hundreds available for you to choose from!

what is email marketing
what is email marketing? | Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

This brings us to the subject of email marketing campaigns and how you can leverage on WordPress to set them up quickly and easily. You may be wondering why WordPress is such an ideal platform for setting up email campaigns. The reason why WordPress is such an ideal platform for email marketing is because of its ability to be installed and configured with relative ease. If you’re used to using other platforms such as MS Outlook or even Apple iWork, setting up a campaign in WordPress should be easy even for beginners.

The easiest way to start integrating your WordPress newsletter signup box with an email campaign is through a plugin called Widget Customizer. This plugin will allow you to easily modify your signup box with text or an HTML template, enter your subscription information, and customize it with a variety of standard widgets such as subscription count, price, due date, message area, and much more. This widget will work in conjunction with other popular plugins such as Woesocket, WP-O-Matic, and WP-Customizer. With so many available plugins out there, it should be easy to integrate your newsletter signup box in with one another.

If you need a simple solution to handling your subscriber list, then using an online e-mail marketing service may be just what you need. WordPress offers several great options to manage your list. Using the popular plugins mentioned above, along with other plugins such as Woesocket, you should have no problem getting everything set up with minimal effort. There are also several good third party plugins available for use in conjunction with WordPress, such as Aweber and Mailchimp.


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