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Zoho email marketing software is ideal for all small to mid-size business sizes, from sole proprietors to large corporations. The parent corporation Zoho originally offers a basic program for managing productivity, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and customer support, while the individual add-ons are designed for specific niches. In this article we will discuss the basics of Zoho email marketing software and how it can be used by small and mid-size businesses to effectively grow their business. Let us discover the different features.

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Zoho email marketing software has three different applications that cater for different levels of marketing. There is the Standard, Intermediate and Ultimate Packages. For small to medium sized businesses, the standard package provides you with everything you need for managing your daily activities such as managing contacts, scheduling appointments and sending and responding to emails. With this package there are four additional add-ons, which include social media marketing, mobile apps, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Furthermore, you can use the Standard package to build your list and send out bulk emails via email. For medium sized to larger companies you can use the intermediate package that contains modules that automate the importing and exporting of contacts and campaigns. Next, you can use the Ultimate Packages to create comprehensive email campaigns and handle the workflow automation. This package handles everything from the selection of leads to creating ads and scheduling follow ups. Last but not least, the Standard workflow automation package contains templates for managing ad campaigns, tracking the ad campaigns and importing contacts. Furthermore, it also contains additional add ons that include lead capture forms, follow up forms and social media tracking.

Zoho email marketing

This web-based management system allows you to easily manage your marketing campaigns and track them. To start you can easily create templates for your marketing material and associate them with an individual module or as a set of modules. Once you have an effective campaign in place you can easily initiate and track it. This offers fast creation of newsletters, email adverts, classified ads and online promotions.

The Mailchimp module provides you with the ability to easily plan and execute different marketing campaigns. You can import email addresses from your CRM to this application and build email campaigns according to your needs. The newsletter templates that come with the package to enable you to design relevant newsletters. Moreover, the system provides you with various styles such as professional, HTML, InfoBooks and PDF. This means that you will be able to send newsletters to the right recipients on time with maximum impact.

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Besides, the customization options allow you to choose the colors, logos and fonts for your email campaigns. The customizable layouts are especially useful when you want to integrate your marketing campaigns with other online marketing strategies. In addition, you also have the pre-designed templates that can be used for generating ads and other forms of marketing content. You have the option to personalize the template so that your custom emails will reflect your business brand in the most effective manner.

Another great thing about Zoho is its integration with the WordPress blog platform. This means that you can optimize your email campaign through blogs and other interactive pages on the web. It helps you build a community around your product and create relationships with your target audience. With this in place, you are able to enhance the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to run unlimited WordPress campaigns. This is due to the fact that Zoho SEO comes with its own set of customized themes. These themes are easy to install and manage. Apart from this, it has everything that every business needs to start and maintain a responsive mailing list. This means that you are in a good position to take advantage of its superior functionality. In short, Zoho Email Marketing gives every business the chance to maximize every form of online marketing that they are already using.


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